In response to Photo Challenge: Cheeky.

I clearly don’t expect that this week theme of Photo Challenge are matched with the photo my friend’s took last week while touring in Chinatown. It is not aesthetic kind of photography but still it holds the meaning.

My sister and I was standing with some modest pose when suddenly the show troupe came closer and stood around us, wanted to be included in the photo. We didn’t ask them but they just kindly and voluntarily posed with us. We were shocked. Nonetheless they were funny and their attire were unique. You can zoom in for detail inspection. When I said thank you, one of the troupe’s member replied using certain tone produced by some customized flute.

This photo was taken at Chinatown Bandung, Indonesia. Shot with iPhone camera and not edited. Taken by my dear friend @detaapritantia.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. thank you rizkiamalia234
    Fantastic blog
    And beautiful pictures
    good luck to you


    1. you are welcome. Thanks for the appreciation and good luck to you too 😀


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