spin off from Point.

Something is wrong.

Her long face, her gloomy mood and her haggard, worn appearance. She stirs spoon in her coffee thoughtlessly. I swear she will get coffee-poisoning if she still drinks as much as it is. I’m sure she drank coffee too in the office before coming here. Her body might be with me here, but her mind is not.

Something … is definitely wrong.

“Hey!” I flick my finger in front of her face. Finally losing my patience waiting for her to speak first.

Nadya looks flustered, blinking her eyes in unfocused reaction. She hems nervously and reaches for her cup while avoiding my gaze to a bunch of teenagers near the coffee shop door. Like they suddenly attract her attention.

“Care to share?” I ask point blank. I know her well. She’ll act like nothing happens until she can’t bear it alone anymore. And that will be too late. She’ll crumple.

Still, Nadya avoids my gaze. “It’s nothing,” she says, drinking from her cup. “I’m just tired.”

That’s braveness of her to lie to me! For god sake, I’m the one she calls ‘Red Rose’ all the time. She should know what I’m going to do if she caught lying. Err, wait, why does it sound like I’m some kind of sadistic sociopath?! I guess, my last patient today really rub on me.

“Nad, you look like you have the whole universe’s burden on your shoulder. And I know they aren’t merely problems in work,” I explain slowly, sarcasm detected. She gulps, nervous. “So, tell me, is there something bothering you?”

A soft ting sound coming from Nadya’s cellphone distracts our conversation. Notification for a message. She takes it and sighs after looking at who have sent the message.  Then, as an answer, she holds her phone for me to see.

I gape.

Rather unladylike, but I could careless. No wonder she look like this. This is truly bad.

“He’s back?” I ask, half-confuse and half-amaze. “And you two are working together?”

“Yes,” Nadya nods. “And he acted casual.”

Like an opened water tap, she finally tells me everything. Her new project, her partner in said project, her boss reaction of (what Aldy called) their ‘friendship’, his offer to grab coffee and having chit chat and his using word ‘fate’.

“Ooh, I’m gonna break his bones,” I respond, furious and grit my teeth. How dare he acted like nothing happen!

I study Nadya’s reaction when she tells me about their first meeting in years. It’s clear that she was hurt by his behavior and want nothing to do with him. But, I also can see her dilemma to resolve or try again if he insists.

Nadya sips her coffee again after finishing her story. Then, she gives me pleading look. Like I know her well, she knows me well too. She knows that I’ll do something and clearly, she doesn’t want that.

“Leave him be,” Nadya says simply. “I can handle him myself.”

Trying hard not to argue, I nod. Nadya isn’t teenager anymore. She is an adult and this is her life. I can’t meddle in it. The only thing I can do is supporting her as long as it’s good decision for her.

“Just be careful,” I tell her. Falling twice won’t do her any good. “Tell me if you need someone to beat him.”

She laughs. “Hey, that’s why people scare of you, Sis! You have that judging face and now you like to threaten people,” she protests.

I smile sheepishly and shrug my shoulder in not-caring attitude. Nadya smiles back and for the first time today, she looks better.

Sometimes you don’t need solution, but just pair of ears to listen.

an. i know this is crazy but i just want to write it. writing fiction is indeed fun. please pardon any grammatical errors, hehehe.


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  1. Melita Nadya says:

    Kaaak, this is just too good !!, I couldn’t stop smiling of reading line by line
    I’d try to write another piece yaa, please wait for the due date wakakaka

    really think you should try to write and publish a book kak, you have great taste of words’ choice and good writing technique ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wkwkwk this is just another randomness :p anti mainstream yaa, di saat orang berbalas pantun, kita malah berbalas cerpen gini.
      okee, ditunggu yaa, Nadya-Aldy :3

      maybe I’ll consider it as side job in the future :p


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