Acak [3]

Peringatan: Ini adalah tulisan tak penting berisi pikiran-pikiran acak yang berseliweran.

Siapkan dirimu bila memang ingin tahu.

1. Halo 🙂 Lama tidak menulis. Wah, sekarang sudah memasuki akhir Februari. Time flies so fast it’s almost scary, huhu. Setelah satu tahun lebih tidak memulai kebiasaan mempunyai agenda, akhirnya awal Februari kemarin tergerak untuk membuat agenda lagi. Untuk yang tahu #bulletjournaling, pasti tahu metode agenda yang campur aduk antara to-do-list, planner, tracking habits, bahkan diary.


2. Bulan Februari mungkin bisa disebut bulan kreatifitas. I turned Suga’s image into this meme and I love it. Also, I submit my own creation of video for a competition. Klik this link to view it and don’t forget to give me your like via Instagram. 


3. BTS comeback!!! Omg, I can’t believe it!! Spring Day is such a bittersweet song about best friend. Not Today is energetic song to encourage your dream: today, we will survive. Outro: Wings finally is in full version and surpasses my expectation. The rap part tho. Finally, the last but not least, Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone is mixed up feeling between Spring Day and Not Today. We crawl, walk, run and fly together but never walk alone. Or in short, you can say, I basically love all the new songs.


4. April will always be my favorite month and also adding the fact that BTS will having Wings Tour here in Jakarta on 29th. I’m excited because I already saving up for this moment since November last year. Let’s pray I’ll be able to attend the concert.


5. Have no idea what event I should conduct this year to fill my blog. Last year, I did 30 days writing challenge for April and Prompts of 2016. Anyone have any suggestion? Just drop it in comment box below.

6. Enjoy, your last week of Februari.

7. Oh, and J-Hope, happy birthday to our BTS’ sunshine 🙂 



Masih akan dilanjutkan.


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