Ransom Riggs: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

In order to answer #10promptsof2016.

Prompt No. 5: Sesuatu yang selalu terjadi dalam fiksi yang kamu harapkan terjadi padamu di dunia nyata.

Warning: contained spoiler.

“… I felt ashamed for having been jealous of his life, considering the prize he’d paid for it, and I tried to feel lucky for the safe and unextraordinary one that  I had done nothing to deserve.” (Quoted from Jacob, page 22, Prologue).

Let’s admit the truth that I’m and always been a biggest fan of fantasy. I always jealous of those adventures I’ve read in books: as a witch, a shadowhunter, a glader, a demigod and so on. Those imaginations that somehow my ordinary life turns to be extraordinary one. When I’m actually a heroine-in-disguise and suddenly thrusts into some kind of epic adventures. Yes, that something always happens in fiction which I hope happens to me in real world.

But after I read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, I beg to differ.

Jacob Portman lost his grandfather in horrific tragedy and had to accept that his life was no ordinary at all. He was gifted by special ability, making him a peculiar and part of hidden community. He found out there were other peculiar children who resided in orphanage under supervision of Miss Peregrine. As he learned about it, he knew something incredible came with terrible and dangerous consequences.

I love Jacob and all peculiar children. It is fascinating to read about their gifts and pictures it by seeing the photographs. Those photographs were Ransom Riggs’ collection. They were random but somehow clicked to support this novel. I must admit that those photographs gives me weird and creepy vibe, so somehow I avoid looking at it twice. Miss Peregrine is also an interesting characters. She’s stern but also affectionate toward children in her care.

But what I love most are realistic dilemmas when Jacob has to choose between staying in loop with Emma and all peculiar children or back to his ordinary world.

Pros of staying: more adventures and get to be with his crush, Emma and other peculiar children. Cons of staying: had to left family, target of enemy, and chance of getting killed. Pros of back to his ordinary world: being a owner of family drugstore. Cons of back to his ordinary world: Emma and other peculiar children would be in danger of hollows’ attack. So, it wasn’t an easy decisions, was it?

Other heroes/heroines didn’t face this kind of dilemma like Jacob. They didn’t have to leave their world when they found special world or adventures on their own. They didn’t have to leave their families, their futures and stucked in one loop forever. They still had chances to go back and continued living their normal life while going on adventures.

Don’t take it wrong, Jacob and peculiar children’s adventures are thrilling and wonderful, but no, I am not jealous of it anymore. Not when I count the price heroes had to pay for it. True to Jacob’s words I quoted that now I am grateful to the safety of my ordinary life and wish for no more (but I am still big fangirl of fantasy).

Recommended for: those who believes pictures can tell a lot of stories.


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