The Bangtan Theory


In order to answer #10promptsof2016

Prompt No. 4: Tulisan Favorit yang Pernah Kamu Baca

I broke my own promise that I eventually will stop being a fangirl after I know Bangtan Seonyeondan (방탄 서년단) or also known as BTS. What make them attractive to me is their music. Actually, I don’t really like a song that consists mostly of rap and most of BTS’ songs are. But somehow they make rap sounds eargasm and easy listening (even if it’s hard when I want to sing a long #sad).

Every time I start to be a fangirl of certain group, I also research about their concept. BTS tackles some youth issues, like their ability to choose their own path in Dark and Wild or their teen angsty romance in Skool Luv Affair. Later they introduced Most Beautiful Moments in Life (Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa – 훠양연훠) part 1 and 2. This was concept full of intrigue and metaphor. Later followed by more mature but also darker concept in Wings.

ARMYs (BTS’s fandom) out there spent most their time trying to decipher meaning behind series of MVs for HYYH, from Prologue, Run, I Need U and Epilogue: Young Forever. I saw many theories about that and somehow I stumbled upon a blog named “The Bangtan Theory.” She called those concepts as HYYH Trilogy.

“More than a concept about the Most Beautiful Moment in Life, truly the HYYH Trilogy is about the hardships of growing up and letting go of one’s youth (butterfly metamorphosis) ….”

(Quoted from post titled ‘BTS INU, Prologue & Run: Retakes on Innocence Lost & The Hardships of Growing Up’).

I mostly agree with her that those concepts didn’t truly show ‘beautiful moments in life’, but rather road to adult life that make you miss those particular ‘beautiful moments in life’. That’s why Prologue, I Need U and Run have gloomy vibes, because growing up is never easy despite you still have some happy moments to be remembered.

It also makes sense about Jin and his six personifications that parallel to different kind of struggle he must faces to be an adult: despair, pain, passion, rebellion, maturity, and volatility. I won’t spoiler you about her post and suggest you to read her theory by yourself. Friendly recommendation though, watch the MVs first before you start reading.

What makes her writing my favorites are because she is a dedicated fan and a very good analyst. Her research is thorough and deep. She could find other related theory, like Wendy, Peter Pan, The Lose Boys, Psyche, Cupid or even Inception. She also paid attention to details like set, costume, random writing, tone color and even sequences of scenes from each MVs. For example, I’ve watched I Need U twice, but I never realized about the significance of V’s hoodie.

Even though she claimed she’s not good with English, I think she wrote very well. Her writing style is easy to understand with highlight by using bold and italic and accompanied by some screenshots from MVs. Thanks to her, I get better understanding and have fun reading those jaw-droppingtheories. Kudos to her. I hope you keep dedicated!

So guys, if you are an ARMY and really curious about all those crazy HYYH theories, I think you will love her blog. I am currently waiting for her next theory of Wings as I am trying to finish reading Demian.

Or should I try to construct my own theory too?

Maybe not.


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  1. DAEBAAAKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!! 😲😲😲😲
    Kamu bener bener menjiwai sebagai a.r.m.y ki hahahaha good job good job 👍👍👍👍


    1. WKWKWKWK 😂😂😂
      Tuh kan makanya bahaya kalau aku udah fangirling mode begini 🙈😱


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