(Not a) Candy Crush

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In order to complete Arin’s prompt of writing challenge: write about your crush or someone who you used to know in the past.

Am I crazy or falling in love?

Is it real or just another crush?

(David Archuleta – Crush)

[1.] Why did I write?

First of all, I felt intrigue by Arin’s request to write about unusual kind of topic I used to write. I thought maybe this was a good challenge, to come out from my comfort writing zone. Then I contemplated about what should I tell you about my crush then how I should write it. I decided maybe writing in English will be better since Bahasa kind of makes me awkward reading my own writing. So, please pardon any grammatical error or typos here and there. Besides, grammar and spelling aren’t part of prompt writing challenge, right?

[2.] So, who was my crush and how I got to have a crush on them?

Ed Sheeran said in his famous song ‘Thinking Out Loud’ that people fall in love (or in this case, have a crush) in mysterious way. Nobody really had a clear conscience to decide ‘yeah, today I will fall in love with him/her’ or ‘look at him/her, he/she will definitely be my crush’. No, it’s not. It’s natural process, something you sometimes doesn’t realize until it rubs on your face. And that happened to me!

You must be notice I use word ‘them’ on the bold sentence. Why? Because, yeah, I’ve got some crushes on people back then when I was so young. I have crush on my academic rival in junior high, on my super charismatic senior in high school, on my favorite member of boy group (till now, by the way), and so on. I didn’t realize I had crush on them until I suddenly blushed when they were present near me or my friend pointed out the obvious.

The most memorable crush I ever had was on somebody I’ve met only once (I’ve talk about him once in my other post). I attended some kind of seminar and he was speaker there. No, he didn’t look like any dream man you think about. He was small guy and had a very serious expression in his face. But when he stood on stage and gave a speech, I suddenly thought he was very charismatic and a good and humorous speaker at that. I know you all are familiar with feeling like butterflies flutter in your tummies? That’s when I realized I have a crush on him.

Yeah, it was silly. Come on, how could you like someone you never talk with? I could stalk him everywhere on social media, but I painfully aware that he didn’t even realized my existence in this very same world (sad ): ).

[3.] How was the ending?

All of my crush ended with no resolution at all. There was a time when my friend told me she liked the very same boy and I had to withdraw myself to let them be together. Called me a fool, but I thought at that time I rather lose my crush than my close friend. Other time, we just lose contact at all and I (am as a girl) maintained a very big ego pride not to confess first (LOL).

Are you asking about my most memorable crush’s ending? That’s secret!

Of course, the only crush I have for now is my crush on my favorite members of boy group (and please, note the ‘s’ XD )

[4.] What do you think about having a crush on someone?

You can’t lie that having a crush on someone affect your mood differently. You tend to be happier and smile a lot. You have a very good motivation for being at school or college and even reach some goals just to be closer with him/her. You’ll giggling with your friend when he/she responds to you. Whatever you crush doing, he/she always mesmerizes you. It’s exciting feeling, isn’t it? If you are having a pretty serious crush, you’ll do everything for him/her, even if it pisses your family or friends off . You also have to be prepared for the worst or best result. Yes, it is happy ending if he/she feels the same way. But, if it is not, the wave of heartbreak will hit you hard.

The problem is I never really have a pretty serious crush.

Yes, it was true, I indeed feel happier when I got someone to crush. But, no, I never feel an urge to cry when I had to end my crush. I didn’t know if that was because my lack of feeling, but yeah, I am curious and also want to experience being so-much-in-love-it-pains-you feeling. Someday it will happen ….

Having a crush on someone is like eating candy. You enjoy the sweet taste and it boosts your mood and leaves you with feeling that you want more. But you just need to have enough amount of candies, so you don’t really crave for sugar but you also don’t have excessive sugar energy or worse, rotten your teeth (I am dentist, I sure need to put that sentiment.) It also happen when you have a crush. Like him/her as much as you want. Enjoy the time and exciting feeling. But don’t get too rush, or you’ll get hurt.

[5.] And your closing statement?

Having a crush isn’t same like loving someone.

But it could be a start to love someone.

(Please, don’t vomit!)




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