Thumbs Up!


In response to photo challenge :

I am a dental student, halfway to be a dentist and health care worker. Volunteering is my kind of world. To be able to participate on any social event as operator, screener, dental health educator or simply as guest to tell about dentistry is my kind of satisfaction.

This photo was taken almost a year ago, to be exact last June, 13th 2015. I was attending Kerja Sosial FT UI as one of the spokesperson from dentistry. The event was held in Pasir Haur, Banten. It required 6 hours to travel by road to reach the village. Don’t forget the village’s road was rough, but the villagers welcomed us warmly. Beside I was happy because I met my friend who was The Project Officer and new friends from other fields of work.

Kersos FT had one segment called Inspiration Class (Kelas Inspirasi). Their targets were elementary school children. The purpose of inspiration class was broadened the children perspective of many kind of job. So Kersos FT invited many spokesperson from many kinds of work, such as lawyers, engineers and etc. Those children was less fortunate than us. At the age of finishing elementary school, they rarely continued their studies to higher degree. They opted to work and helped their parents rather than went to school. So that’s why they had limited information about many kind of jobs in the world. They only knew about being farmers, carpenters, laborers and etc. Not that being that was bad, but it such a shame if they didn’t know about dentist, tax officers, engineers, civil servants, entrepreneurs and many more.

Did you see the smile on their face on the photo? It was after Inspiration Class ended. They oohed and aahed when we as spokesperson explained about our work. They happily wrote what they wanted to be in the future after listening to us. They eagerly put thumbs up when posed with me to take this photo.

That was jubilant.
Not only for them.
But also for us as spokesperson.
And of course, for me.



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