[23] The Upgradable Me

Thanks 9GAG for this cute birthday cat :p


Day 23 : One Thing I’d Like To Be Better At

Happy birthday to me!

Yeay, 23rd birthday on 23rd of April!  Such a beautiful number and a blessed occasion, isn’t it? Just agreed with me since I am birthday girl for today. Also very good reason to talk about one thing I’d like to better at. I feel like doing an essay on how to spend my birthday, haha.

Honestly, I want so many things I’d like to be better at, such as my skill as dentist, my ability to overcome fears, and etc, but I just realize that one thing truly I want to be better at is my self-management.

For me, self-management is how to balance my life, between me time, works, family, friends, health, wealth, fun, and etc. Self-management is how to control my thought, emotion and gesture to react at every situation. In other words, self-management is not only about being a mature self from teen girl to young woman, but how to be a responsible one. I believe it is every day work for everyone, but I really want to better at it.

At least, as 23 years old young woman, this will be the upgradable version of me.


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