#dailyprompt : Witness Protection



Going to dental school is stressful. The nervous feeling of doing something for the first time—even if you know how to do it by theory, sometimes is unbearable. I was nearly having panic attack, couldn’t figure it out what was wrong and what I should do to solve it. And suddenly my friends came.

They sat calmly beside my dental chair. They gave me advice, suggestion and know-how by their experiences. They supported me, said some words to encourage me and even helped me preparing the next step. It was only one person at first, but when I really looked back at that day, I realized I got nearly half of the gang there. My best friend even stayed very last by herself until I finished all steps of treatment and said some praises for my pedo patient.

I am totally grateful when I reflected back to that day.

These days, hardship are looming everywhere and level of stress has increased. Strangers may not cause you to embarrass yourself if you fail in stressful situation, but comfort from someone who close to you, know you and care about you are best options in that kind of situation. I live far from my family, so the closest thing I have as family here is my friends. That’s why I’m thankful to have friends that cheer me up and ease my burden.

Yeah, they are my cheerleaders!

Honorable mention : Zakiah, Deta, Intan, Ajri, Zsazsa, Arsa, Marsha, Syiva and many more. Thank you!


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